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TW: discussion surrounding trauma


The Ripple Effect is a piece about generational trauma and the realization that we are simply a branch off of our parents tree. All of their experiences, traumas, teachings, and emotions ripple over us constantly. It isn't pretty and it's definitely not perfect. 


Recently I have come to know more about my own parents lives and their traumas. I won't dive too deep into that as it is something I don't feel comfortable sharing but there was something said to me that really stuck with me, "I can no longer hide, I no longer need to". This statement has so many layers to me. The feeling of hiding from your trauma your whole life but also hiding your trauma from others; especially your kids. But when it is all brought to light at once, there is no longer anything to hide behind and you feel exposed, you realize you don't need to hide and you never did. You always had this support system that will help you through anything, you just never gave them the chance to.


I understand this is not the case for everyone, or may not feel like it. But there is more likely than not at least one person in your life that wants you to feel whole and will help you through anything. 


This piece felt very healing for me to do. This is all I will say about this for now.


- Kennady



The Ripple Effect. 16 x 20 inches. Printed on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper. Signed by Kennady Rayn. Numbered Edition of 20. 


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